The Sprout + Shed Story


Nice to meet you.

Sprout + Shed is a platform for parents to shop, share and sell cool kit for kids. FOR MUMS, BY MUMS.

Aren’t kids fab? But they grow up so fast. Too fast! Blink and you’ll miss it. As two mums of two with kids sprouting up faster than we care to admit, so comes the ever-growing kit list. It’s not just the clothes, it’s the sleeping, eating, travelling, playing and learning that you need to keep on top of.


After meeting following the birth of our second children Lola & Rosa, we, Francesca and Jen, quickly bonded over motherhood, sharing our love of the great outdoors with our kids and having functional but beautiful kit for them. However, with kids outgrowing and shedding their kit so quickly, this comes at a cost and fuels unnecessary and excessive consumerism, something that didn’t sit right with us.

IMG_8311.JPG?1502145612998Although the second-hand children’s market is stronger than ever, we quickly found ourselves frustrated at the buying and selling options out there. From the endless trawling of social media to spending evenings getting outbid on eBay. We also both agreed, Saturdays were not designed for trawling baby and children’s markets looking for treasures in amongst the bundles of cast-offs.

In addition to this, on our virtual travels, we were constantly coming across beautiful small children and mamma brands that really deserved sharing, so we’re delighted to have teamed up with a fabulous selection to showcase their products here. And so…the concept of Sprout + Shed was born!

We’ve created a beautifully easy marketplace for savvy parents to shop, share and sell the most lovely, useful kit for kids as well as a smarter parenting community that connects us all through shared wisdom and a shared sense of style. We help mums and dads get the best deal, all the while actively celebrating sustainable parenting. But the cherry on top, is our desire to give parents back precious time. Time that would be better spent hanging out with those ever-growing kids.

We hope that you find Sprout + Shed to be a one stop solution for all your parenting needs in one convenient place and that you love it as much as we do!

Yours in parenthood,

Francesca and Jen xx

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