Newborn Checklist:

It’s a wonderful exciting time preparing for your baby’s arrival but the selection of baby products on the market is expansive and it can be difficult for new parents to determine exactly what is needed. Sprout + Shed have compiled a list of Newborn essentials to help you.


Please check out the safe sleeping guidelines from The Lullaby Trust

The first 6 months:

THE NHS advises that your baby sleeps in your room for the first 6 months so you are likely to need:

· Crib/Moses Basket/Co-sleeper with sheets and a new mattress/Sleepyhead

· Room thermometer

· Baby monitor

6 months +:

At around 6 months, you may wish to move your little one into their own room and they are likely to need:

· A cot complete with mattress, fitted sheets and mattress protector

· Baby sleeping bags (See The Gro company bag guidelines for guidance on tog needed

· Black out blinds

Bathing & changing:

· Baby bath with plug

· Change table (or change mat for the top of a table/dresser)

· Towels

· Flannels

· Nappies (buy enough for at least 2 weeks post returning home with baby)

· Wipes

· Muslins

· Nappy rash cream e.g. Sudocrem

· Baby Digital thermometer

· Baby nail scissors/clippers/file

· Baby body wash and cream


You’ll only need the basics to start off with until you know the size and sex of your baby. Consider the list below your starting point and add outfits, cardigans, jumpers and other items depending on the season.

· Sleepsuits (5+)

· Short sleeve bodysuits (5+)

· Long sleeve bodysuits (5+)

· Socks (5+)

· Scratch mitts (2+)

· Hat (1+)


You may have already decided how you’re going to feed your baby. Whichever method you choose, we’ve complied a handy list for you.

If you are planning to breast feed then you will find the following items handy

· Firm backed chair

· Feeding cushion

· Breast pads

· Nipple cream. We love Lansinoh!

· Nursing bras

If you are formula feeding or combination feeding then the following equipment is useful:

· Breast pump (electric or manual – electric pumps can be hired from local children’s centres)

· Bottles and teats (slow flow)

· Sterilizer (steam, microwave or cold water)

· Formula

On the go

To make it as easy as possible to get out and about with your baby

· Pram/pushchair suitable from newborn with rain cover and furry footmuff (for winter months)

· Baby carrier/sling

· Car seat (ensure the car seat is properly fitted and complies with British safety standards It’s not recommended to use a second hand infant car seat.

· Nappy bag